Mê†å-mðñï†ðrïñg (Affirmations for A World Led by Damaged Leaders) (2020)

I am attentive to the guidance unfolding in my life.

Promptings from within and out.

I act in a world and I allow the world to react to me.

And the world reacts to me.

As I become clear and focused for my own good,

My world becomes clear and focused and good.

I am in peace.

And alienated.

While the world continues to run,

I remain courageous.

I allow the Universe to strengthen and support me,

As I face difficult, demanding and dangerous situations.

I attempt to remain safe from harm.

Even though I know,

harm is the honey of our systems.

I respond with calm bravery to perilous times.

I locate my power in my acceptance of self and others.

While damaged leaders continue to rule the world.

The Universe is within me.

Our leaders are within me.

And I am attentive to the unfolding of life.