Gravitation (2020) is a large scale projection-mapped installation that combines particle-based animations along with inspirational texts, commenting on life under a pandemic. Inspired the physical natural phenomena that is shared by all matter in the universe, Gravitation references the movement by which any particle of matter is able to attract and repel others with varying force over time. Particles exist both individually and collectively and are involved in an ongoing, ever-changing push/pull relationship to negotiate space and shape. The fluctuating movements within Gravitation are inspired by the ways society has adapted to deal with the challenges present during COVID-19 and the difficulties of being apart while trying to connect with loved ones and the world around us. 


Presented by Victoria Park BIA and AZMA (Axis Z Media Arts)

Project by AZMA and Uii Savage

Photos: Studio Stratagem (Emily Promise Allison)

Video: Kara Bree Productions